Climate Impact Assessments

Climate change has emerged as one of the most important political and business issues of our time.  Our impact assessments are the starting point for exploring an organisation's or sector's exposure to the implications of climate change. We assess these potential impacts across key functions including: supply chains; finance: asset stranding and investment risks; logistics; people and management.


Benchmarking & Key Performance Indicators

We identify performance indicators and create attainable strategies that are tailored to clients’ needs; in line with international best practices and relevant to the organisation’s overall objectives.


Sustainability Reporting

An important part of any climate strategy is communication to stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, investors, government and the media. We help businesses define a sensible and credible communications strategy for their climate-related initiatives that allows them to gain value from their efforts while avoiding the pitfalls of greenwash.


Emission Management Strategies

We assist organisations in preparing a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory that represents a true and fair account of their emissions through the use of standardised approaches and principles that are consistent and transparent.

By identifying the main sources of emissions, our footprint calculations can be used to build an effective strategy to manage and reduce GHG emissions. We also work with clients to set internal carbon prices.


Through our international network we are able to offer access to a large portfolio of high-quality, verifiable carbon credits to offset emissions. Offsetting is the use of carbon credits to enable businesses to compensate for their emissions, meet their carbon reduction goals and support the move to a low-carbon economy.

Low-Carbon Development


We work with policy makers to analyse issues and develop practical climate and carbon management policy including carbon market development and emissions trading; solutions that support economic diversification and the acceleration to low-carbon growth and prosperity

Project Development


With our global network we offer a comprehensive range of project development tools that guide clients through the complexities of climate related projects such as renewable energy: solar, wind, biomass; voluntary carbon reductions; green innovation monetisation, carbon market access and climate finance access.

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